Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quest Guide - Cook's Assistant

The Cook.
Difficulty level: Easy
Start location: Cook at Lumbridge Castle
Quests: None
Skills: None
Items: Bucket of milk, egg, pot of flour
Skills: None
Items: None
Monsters: None
NPC: Cook
Quest Steps
Speak to the Cook in Lumbridge castle's kitchen. Say:
What's wrong?
I'm always happy to help a cook in distress.
If you do not already have the items gather them.
Get a bucket from the respawn (go down the trap door. it is east of the sink.) or buy it in a general shop.
Get the pot from the respawn on the table or buy it in a general shop.
Follow steps 4 through 10 if you need a bucket of milk or an egg. Otherwise skip to 11.
Cross the bridge over the river to the east
Follow the path north and locate cows inside the fencing to the east.
Use the empty bucket on a dairy cow. Now you have a bucket of milk.
Get back onto the road and follow the path north.
Enter the chicken farm on the west side of the path.
Pick up the egg from the respawn, or kill a chicken for an egg. Now you have an egg.
Go back across the river.
If you already have the pot of flour, skip to step 20.
Follow the path going west located north of the Lumbridge city walls.
Pick grain from the field on the south side of the path.
Go back on the path east and enter the building with the windmill (further north between two fields).
Climb the ladder until you are on the top floor.
Use the grain on the hopper in the center of the room.
Operate the levers on the south side of the room.
Go back down the ladders to the ground level.
Use the pot on the flour. Now you have a pot of flour.
Talk to the Cook again until you give him all the ingredients. Quest complete!
300 cooking xp
Option to use the Lumbridge Kitchen range, which burns less food than all the other ranges in game
Quest points gained on completion: 1

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